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Proposed SCiO Interface v1.0

  Sneak Preview of the Proposed SCiO Interface: The current interface of SCiO is not really user-friendly and attractive to use. It looks as if the developers had to priorotize mainly on the hardware and technique, but the interface is just as … Continue reading

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The Theory Behind NIR(S)

  The theory of NIR, according to our wise friend Wikipedia is: Near­infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a spectroscopic method that uses the near­infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum (from about 700 nm to 2500 nm). Typical applications include pharmaceutical, medical diagnostics (including … Continue reading

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Infographic: How to use the SCiO Device

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There goes the SCiO!

  The SCiO group is a sub-group in the Augmenting Prototype project which is a part of the Advanced Prototyping Minor at TU Delft. This is what the project brief stated: “We  received  an  early  prototype.  In  the  meantime,  this  … Continue reading

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