The A.P Showcase

The exhibition was at the Industrial Design faculty which was with all other projects from our Minor group.

It was so incredible to see all that attention on the main goal of SCiO. Mainly the school-kids visiting were so enthusiastic about the device and the connection with the App and the heads.


Our table

Also as a result we noticed they liked the new interface better because it was more user-friendly especially when you are just starting to play around with the device and the app.

We had quite a lot of visitors ranging from nearly all ages to different walks of life as well. By interacting with the visitors, it was fascinating to see what their perspectives were and how they would use the device if they had a chance to design an app for it. Suggestions ranged from testing food to find if there were any allergens to scanning textiles to see what kind of fabric they had!


The group with Jouke.


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