What Can The SCiO Be Used For?


We analysed the SCiO device and concluded that it is not reliable enough to find small differences in materials. It can be an unreliable database with upto 10 % deviation (errors) from the hardware. It has difficulties analyzing in certain conditions where the reflections of the sample is not the strongest .  Also stated by the makers of SCiO , the device shouldn’t be used for medical purposes, and we wouldn’t recommend it either.

Besides the fact that SCiO may not give the results promised by its developers, still a lot of people are enthusiastic about the device. We also were excited to start working with the SCiO device and find out about different materials by scanning everything around us as it seemed like fun.

When we just started the project and began learning about the device, numerous ideas about possible uses came to our minds. For example: We had an idea to use SCiO as a allergy warning device. You let the interface know what allergy you have. When you scan your food, SCiO can detect if its safe for you to eat or not.

We also thought of using SCiO for detecting leaks and cracks in buildings. Sadly, the device is not as advanced in its applications at this point as promised by its developers and can therefore not be used reliably for these purposes.

The SCiO device was of course never intended as a device for professional use. Because the SCiO device is precise enough to identify different materials (if scanned correctly -> good sample, good underlay, same conditions) the device can be a fun gadget.

This gadget has the potential to be the one that can teach people the basics of different material types. Materials may look the same, but with a quick analysis people can learn that there are a lot more different materials than people might think. SCiO can definitely be that gadget.

For the right price , SCiO can be the gadget that people would want to have and to show off to everybody how cool of a device it is and what it can teach people.



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