Update from SCiO: DietSensor


On the 20th of October, 2015, SCiO announced the launch of a new App. called DietSensor which aims to help users keep track of their diets by encouraging them to scan their food and getting the nutritional values from it.

The mySCiO page on Facebook posted the following about the App.:

We are thrilled to share DietSensor: The very first App for the SCiO platform developed by a Kickstarter backer.

Good luck Remy & The DietSenor Team

DietSensor is all about food and balancing your diet. Aims for those who need to regain control of their daily food intake. Especially those who are suffering from being overweight or with chronic disease related to nutrition like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.”

The website of this App. is : http://www.dietsensor.com/


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