Initial Testing


In order to understand the working of the device and to put it to use, we collected a range of different materials and scanned them.  They were:


1. Balsa Wood

2. A 10 cent coin

3. Paracetamol pill

4. Magnesium pill

5. A piece of fleece from a blanket


Testing the fleece with a regular head:

IMG-20151026-WA0030 IMG-20151026-WA0027

Testing the Paracetamol pill with the head for smaller items:

IMG-20151026-WA0029 IMG-20151026-WA0028

The Results on the App.:

  • Balsa Wood


  •  A 10 cent coin


  • Paracetamol pill


  • Magnesium pill


  •  Fleece ( Polyester)


After these tests were conducted, we were advised by Kaspar to select materials with a smoother surface as one of the objectives of this project was to use professional spectrometry lab equipment to compare its results with SCiO. The lab machine measures in the FTIR and it can be used to measure only samples with a thin, transparent and smooth surface.



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