There goes the SCiO!


The SCiO group is a sub-group in the Augmenting Prototype project which is a part of the Advanced Prototyping Minor at TU Delft.

This is what the project brief stated:

“We  received  an  early  prototype.  In  the  meantime,  this  team  will  use  a  larger  facility  at  chemical  engineering,  first  by  following  tutorials  and  then  exploring  the  opportunities  and  limitations  of  having  a  handhold,  connected  spectrometer.”

This was enough to take our head and heart away for wanting to be part of SCiO.

The four of us, HaiLong, Yas, Vincent and Devika found each other and started working to together while Adrie Kooijman & Kaspar  Jansen inspire and help us through this journey.

The very first day we received the prototype of our fabulous device.


It came with an illustrated manual on how it works:

man1 man2

man4 man3

man5 man6

The video below shoes how it works:

This is the device and its components:



In order to use the device you need to first go to the Consumerphysics website and activate your account which enables the use of the device.  You need to use the website to create a database and provide its attributes:

Website1 scio2     scio3

scio4     scio5


Next, install the SCiO application on your smartphone to start scanning :






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